Yoga For Mental Health

Mental health can mean many different things to different people, but many agree that good mental health results in,

• feeling able to cope with most things that can happen in life
• experiencing a range of emotions, including joy
• getting quality sleep and feeling rested on waking
• interacting well with others

Even those with excellent mental health don’t achieve all of these all the time! There are many ways in which we can boost to our mental health and wellbeing, from taking a walk in nature to clinical therapies. Yoga is an accessible activity that can help to boost our mental health. Evidence for this has been found in a growing number of scientific studies looking at the effects of yoga on wellbeing.Drawing from my background in Psychology and Yoga teaching, I have created Yoga for Mental Health. These weekly, 30-minute online sessions can be taken seated on a chair, as they only have a little gentle mindful movement combined with easy to follow breathwork and relaxation techniques. These sessions may be helpful if you are experiencing feelings of stress or anxiety, low mood, poor quality sleep, fatigue or overwhelm.

You don’t need any special equipment or level of fitness; all you need is the desire to boost your mental wellbeing. Available live via Zoom or On-Demand Recording, making it easy for you to invest 30 minutes each week in your mental health.

Starting Monday 4th April 2022 at 12.30pm 
Investment £5 per session or £18 for 4 consecutive weeks

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04 Apr 2022


12:30 pm

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