Pot en Ciel

Coffee at the Chapel, West Street, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4EJ, UK

07493 017251

At Pot en Ciel, we provide a relaxing, creative and supportive environment where people of all ages and artistic abilities can paint unique pieces of ceramics.

Also known as a ceramic painting café (we serve delicious cakes made by The Little Bakery of Happiness, tea and coffee) located in The Chapel at the Bazaar, West Street, Oundle, we offer a wide range of bisque* (blank ceramic) for you to paint, a space where you can discover your potential and as much help as you need to paint your own ceramics.

​We look forward to welcoming you to our pottery painting studio!

*In ceramics,"bisque" refers to ware that has been fired once and has no chemically bonded water left in the clay.

Bisque is a true ceramic material, although the clay body has not yet reached maturity. This stage is also sometimes called biscuit or bisc.

Pot en Ciel