Walking Tour App

Download the App to Take a Guided Tour

The Love Oundle Walking Tour app is designed to give an interactive experience around the historic town of Oundle.

The app allows you to walk around the town and to be guided by a local expert on points of interest around the town and surrounding area. Once you have downloaded the app you are able to select from a variety of tour types dependant on you interest. There will be both audio and pictures that allow you to visualise the building, tree or points of interest that is being referred to. Pictures are available if you see three dots alongside the audio file that is playing. The audio can be paused, replayed or forwarded.

The app makes use of GPS to show you places of interest close to your current location. (Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life so it’s best to switch off the app after you have done the tour). Audio is automatically triggered once you are within viewing distance of the point of interest. Those places that you have visited are then ticked on the list of audio files.

A suggested route is shown on the map, however you do not have to follow this route if you wish to choose your own order or just learn about some of the pints of interest. New tours will be added over time, so keep an eye out for our latest development.

Tours on the App that available at present are:

Historic Town Trail Tour

Take the tour of Oundle to reveal some of the secrets of the towns rich history. The Oundle Town Trail audio tour is complimentary to the Oundle Town Trail Guide available from the Oundle Book shop and council offices. The guide takes you to many of the fabulous listed buildings that make up our beautiful town. At each point you will learn facts about the history and style of building and its occupants. The tour takes about an hour to an hours and a half in total.

Tree Trail Tour

Follow the Oundle Tree Trail and explore the trees of our beautiful market town. The Audio Walking tour is complimentary to the Tree Trail map and chooses a number of the most notable trees from around Oundle. The comprehensive commentary gives an excellent insight into some fabulous specimen trees that adorn the Oundle skyline. The Tour takes about 45 minutes to an hour in total. If you wish to obtain a copy of the paper map it is available for free from Oundle Library, Creative Oundle in the Queen Victoria Hall or at the Oundle Book Shop.