Authors in Oundle

5 Hillfield Road, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4QR, UK


I have always loved books and enjoy reading whenever I can. I am a literary events organiser with 12 years’ experience of organising successful events. I relish the excitement of finding speakers, setting up, marketing and running events and especially looking after everyone involved, on the day.
It is very important to me that everyone enjoys the experience: the speaker, the publicist/agent, the audience, the volunteers, and the staff at the venue.
My aim is to provide well organised, enjoyable, safe, and memorable events throughout the year.

So, what is my mission in setting up Authors in Oundle:

Firstly, it gives me the opportunity to provide a wide range of authors from different genres, that I know will entice people to explore subjects, cultures, and ideas that they may not be familiar or comfortable with, and enjoy a great time out at a live event.

Secondly, Oundle is a very vibrant and exciting market town, with a long history and a thriving cultural way of life. I want to support this and encourage more people to visit.

Authors in Oundle