Snipe Meadow Pocket Park

Oundle Rugby Club Occupation Rd Oundle Peterborough PE8 4RU

Snipe Meadow Pocket Park, situated on the banks of the River Nene north of Oundle Wharf, is a very important site for protecting endangered Snipe and Redshank. The meadow is managed to provide nesting sites for Snipe and to minimise disturbance. Visitors can enjoy the riverside setting and its wildlife, but are asked to keep dogs on short leads.

Access is from the bottom of Occupation Road near Oundle Rugby Club. A boardwalk suitable for wheelchair access has been installed.

Special Wildlife Snipe, Redshank and other wading birds. Barn Owl, Sedge Warbler, Reed Warbler, Reed Bunting. Tufted Sedge (Carex elata), Marsh Marigold, Meadow Rue, Meadowsweet. A wide range of dragonflies and damselflies.