Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club

Hemington Rd, Peterborough PE8 5QD, UK

The club was founded in 1928 and is a thriving target shooting club shooting a wide variety of disciplines with a strong membership. We have five different ranges across two separate sites and cater for full-bore, small-bore, air-[rifle|pistol], gallery rifle, black-powder and practical shotgun. We are a Home-Office approved club and we’re affiliated to the NRA, NSRA and the UKPSA.

Oundle has 2 indoor 25 yard ranges, of which the original range was opened in 1928. This range was refurbished in 2009 and contains 4 prone firing points for small-bore rifle shooting. The newer range built in 1986, is certificated for firearms up to pistol calibres and is proudly equipped with Olympic standard turning targets. The facilities include parking, coffee and toilets. Barnwell has 3 outdoor ranges offering distances – 25, 50 and 100 yards and is open at weekends and on select days during the week. All 3 ranges have covered firing points and the facilities include parking, disabled access, coffee and toilets. The new facilities at Barnwell are amongst the best in the country and continue to attract new members across many counties.