FREE Breath & Yin Yoga

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed, busy and feeling like life is relentless?

Is it hard to slow down, truly rest and just be?

If we don’t choose moments to slow down, our body will choose for us, which can look like burnout, exhaustion or illness.

We are all imperfect humans and learning to live in a world that is driven to be doing, on the go and rewarding productivity. 

Slowness is something we cultivate over time, practice and giving ourselves moments to be still. 

The safer we feel in these moments the more we can attune to what it is we truly need or desire.

Breath and Yin yoga have allowed me to embrace stillness, ground myself and feel safer in my own body. 

To know I am enough just being and my worth isn’t defined by what I do or achieve in this life.

On Tuesday 23rd April I am inviting you to a FREE breath and Yin yoga session, a time and space for you to embrace slowness and reconnect to yourself. 

The session will be held in the studio at Fletton House in Oundle, 11:30am-12:30pm

To book your space follow this link –

See you there,


*Please note you will need to bring a mat, blanket and blocks/bolsters or cushions with you. I have a few spares but not enough for everyone. The blocks/bolsters/cushions and blankets are for your comfort and to feel fully held in this space. All kinds & amounts of props/supports are welcome 🙂


23 Apr 2024


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Dance Studio, Fletton House
Glapthorn Road, Oundle, PE8 4JA