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Keir Giles: Who Will Defend Europe? An Awakened Russia and a Sleeping Continent

New governments in Britain, Europe and America, but the same man in the Kremlin. What does it mean for our future? 

For almost three years Ukraine has been the front line of Europe, protecting us all by holding back Russia’s plans for conquest and expansion. But now, the war could come much closer to home. The outcome of the US presidential election will decide Ukraine’s future – but Vladimir Putin has made it plain his ambition doesn’t stop there. And the Kremlin’s campaigns of murder and sabotage across the continent and in the UK have already resumed, while Russia has been rebuilding its army faster than Ukraine has been able to destroy it. If the US steps away from the defence of Europe, and the British Armed Forces are hollowed out and still shrinking, who is left to protect us?

Local author Keir Giles’s new book “Who Will Defend Europe” looks for the answers. In his talk for “Authors in Oundle” Keir will explain what Putin’s plans for Europe mean for us – and how the front-line states have been preparing to be the next line of our defence. He will discuss what the US election results means for the UK, and what must be done to safeguard our future against an aggressive Russia bent on attacking us.

KEIR GILES has spent his career watching, studying and explaining Russia.

Keir’s work has appeared in a wide range of academic and military publications across Europe and in North America, and he is a regular contributor and commentator on Russian affairs for international print and broadcast media. He is a Senior Consulting Fellow at the UK’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), and also works with the Conflict Studies Research Centre (CSRC), a group of deep subject matter experts on Eurasian security formerly attached to the British Ministry of Defence. He is a regular contributor to research projects on Russian security issues in the U.S., UK and Europe.

Tickets £8 (£7), £1 off early bird tickets bought before 24th October, available from Oundle Bookshop or online www.authorsinoundle.co.uk

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07 Nov 2024


7:45 pm - 8:45 pm



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